24h Phygital Identity Hackathon

From 9th to 10th October 2021

Traent Headquarters, Borgo Stretto 3, Pisa

Are you up for it? Come and grab it!


€5.000 gift voucher

24h coding competition around the new imperative of the identity in the Phygital world:

Habeas Digital Corpus.

Whether we want to admit it or not, we are digital beings too, thus we need to protect our digital rights, not only data. Habeas Corpus, an ancient common-law writ, has guaranteed the principle of personal inviolability and protected against an unlawful imprisonment. It still lies at the roots of the identity rights. In the third millennium the structure of the reality has fundamentally changed because of accelerated digitalization. Nevertheless, the perception of our identity remained unaltered.

We live both physically and digitally, within our body and our accounts. Yet, our digital existence is barely acknowledged and protected only to a small extent. As digital became an intrinsic part of our life, it must be taken into consideration also in jurisprudential, ethical, and ontological discourse. In this perspective coding, software development and data science take on a new meaning. The complexity of the problem involves various fields that is the reason why our Hackathon is open to the participants from all disciplines.

Phygital Identity Hackathon, that will take place during the Internet Festival in Pisa, has been conceived as the first in a series of events to explore the question of digital identity.

The participants of the Hackathon are invited to creatively address the problem of Phygital Identity, considering not only technological solutions but also their ethical implications.

Hackathon is a celebration of creativity, team working and solution finding.


The next gen product/service of phygital identity system

As a prototype software
New vision of phygital identity system
Resolution of algorithmic or cryptographic problems


Federico d’Annunzio, CEO & Founder at Traent
Fabio Severino, CTO at Traent
Bernard Dika, Tuscan Region Advisor
Daniele Mazzei, Chief Innovation Officer at Zerynth
Davide Morelli, Managing Director at Biobeats


11.30 AM

Welcome and registration


12.30-1.00 PM

Traent presentation & hackathon introduction


1.00-1.30 PM

Let’s start: the Hackathon takes off


1.30 PM

Time out


2.30 PM

Team pitches: each group will present their own output to the jury in 10 mins.


4 PM

Award ceremony at Salone de’ Nobili

Remember to take with you:

ID card
Green Pass
Mobile (if needed)
Sleeping bag (if needed)
Good attitude and ideas

We take on us:

Meals and snacks
Coffee and soda
Table football
Good advices and mentoring

Join us for this unique event, have fun and take
the opportunity to meet CTOs, IT experts and other tech enthusiasts.
Pitch in front of this incredible audience and see marvelous things happen.


Please send your applications by October the 7th at 5.00 pm

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